All Acrylic Pedestals can be made in different heights. The Acrylic Pedestal that are in color, can be made in Different colors.
If you see an Acrylic Pedestal that you would like to modify please contact us.

All Acrylic Sculptures that are in color can be made in different colors. If you see an Acrylic Sculpture that you would like to modify please contact us. All of our Acrylic Sculptures, and Acrylic Pedestals are had sanded, and hand polished.

  • Eclipse Acrylic Sculpture

    Size:Size 38″ long x 10″ deep and 10″ tall.
    Shown in Red – Available in other colors.
    Details:The Eclipse Acrylic Sculpture is a Horizontal sculpture. Great for dining tables or consoles tables. This acrylic sculpture is hand sanded and hand polished to bring out its reflective properties.
  • Tango Acrylic Sculpture

    Tango Acrylic Sculpture

    Ref: #T-790
    Size:27″ Tall
    Details:Red and White – Available in different colors
  • Copyright@2017 - Muniz

    Twister Acrylic Sculpture

    Size:41″ tall
    Shown in Smoke and crystallized
    Details:Our Twister Acrylic Sculpture is made using a piece of Smoke acrylic and a piece of crystalized acrylic, intertwined with each other. Making for a stunning effect. This sculpture is hand sanded, and polished, and hand chipped to bring out its reflective properties.
  • Embrace Acrylic Sculpture

    Embrace Acrylic Sculpture

    Ref: #T-650
    Size: 27″ Tall
    Details: Turquoise and Violet – Available in different colors
  • Double Loop Acrylic Sculpture

    Double Loop Acrylic Sculpture

    Ref: #Z-5902
    Size: 41″ Tall
    Details: Clear and Crystallized
  • Double Loop Acrylic Sculpture

    Double Loop Acrylic Sculpture Color

    Ref: #Z-5902B
    Size: 41″ Tall
    Details: Turquoise and Violet – Available in different colors
  • Helix Acrylic Sculpture

    Helix Acrylic Sculpture

    Ref: #Q-575
    Size: 16″ wide  41″ tall
    Details: Turquoise – Available in different colors
  • Vail Acrylic Sculpture

    Vail Acrylic Sculpture

    Ref: #Q-114
    Size: 22″ wide 31″ Tall
    Details: Only available as shown in Clear and Crystallized
  • Harmony Acrylic Sculpture

    Harmony Acrylic Sculpture

    Size:20″ wide 41″ tall
    Details: Yellow – Available in different colors


  • Storm Acrylic Sculpture

    Storm Acrylic Sculpture

    Size:20″ wide 41″ tall
    Details:Yellow – Available in different colors
  • Equilibrium Sculpture

    Equilibrium Sculpture

    Size:13” x 13” x 25” Tall
    Details:Orange color
     Available in different colors
  • Fusion Acrylic Sculpture

    Fusion Acrylic Sculpture

    Size:17” wide 28” tall
    Details:Orange and Yellow and Black and White
  • Aspen / Wave Acrylic Pedestal

    Aspen / Wave Acrylic Pedestal

    Aspen Acrylic PedestalWave Acrylic Pedestal
    Size:12” x 14”x 36” Tall14 Round 36”Tall
    Details: Clear ColorOrange color
     Available in different sizes and colorsAvailable in different sizes and colors
  • Boca / Omni Acrylic Pedestal

    Boca / Omni Acrylic Pedestal

    Boca Acrylic PedestalOmni Acrylic Pedestal
    Ref:#PED 968#PED 975
    Size:14″ Round x 36″ H12″ x 14″ x 36″ H
    Available in other colorsAvailable in other colors
  • Octagon Acrylic Pedestal

    Octagon Acrylic Pedestal

    Size:14″ x 14″ x 36″ H
  • Naja Acrylic Sculpture

    Naja Acrylic Sculpture

    Size:20”W x 14”D x 34”H
    Details:Available in other colors
  • Passion Acrylic Sculpture

    Passion Acrylic Sculpture

    Size:17”W x 14”D x 40”H
    Details: Blue
      Available in other colors
  • Calypso Acrylic Sculpture

    Calypso Acrylic Sculpture

    Ref: #D-835
    Size: 12” x 12” x 25” Tall
    Details: Olive color
     Available in other colors
  • Celebration Acrylic Sculpture

    Celebration Acrylic Sculpture

    Ref: #Q-380
    Size: 22”W x 12”D x 38”H
    Details: Violet
     Available in different colors
  • Ecstasy Acrylic Sculpture

    Ecstasy Acrylic Sculpture

    Ref: #Q-390
    Size: 18”W x 14”D x 39”H
    Details: Black
     Available in different colors
  • Evolution Acrylic Sculpture

    Evolution Acrylic Sculpture

    Ref: #Q-350
    Size: 18”W x 15”D x 35”H
    Details: Teal
     Available in different colors
  • Luna Sculpture / Spiral Pedestal

    Luna Sculpture / Spiral Pedestal

     Luna Acrylic Sculpture Spiral Acrylic Pedestal
    Ref: #X-714 #PED-76
    Size: 18”W x 15”D x 35”H 14″ x 14″ x 36″ H
    Details: Black & Clear Clear
  • Cancun / Athens Acrylic Pedestal

    Cancun / Athens Acrylic Pedestal

     Cancun Acrylic Pedestal Athens Acrylic Pedestal
    Ref: #PED-785 #PED-748
    Size: 36″ High 36″ High
    Details: Clear & Crystalize Clear & Crystalize
  • Destiny Acrylic Sculpture / Rio Acrylic Pedestal

    Destiny Acrylic Sculpture / Rio Acrylic Pedestal

     Destiny Acrylic Sculpture Rio Acrylic Pedestal
    Ref: #T-912 #PED-953
    Size: 23″ x 10″x 23″ H 36″ High
    Details: Clear & Crystallize Black & Clear