All of our Acrylic Benches, can be had with, your choice of microfiber or vinyl. The cushion of every Acrylic Bench, is fasten with screws for easy removal.

  • Chaise with Acrylic Legs

    Chaise with Acrylic Legs

    Ref:# C-88
    Size:72” long, 30” wide, 42” in Height
    Details:3” Thick Acrylic legs
    Available in other colors


  • Acrylic Salsa Bench

    Acrylic Salsa Bench

    Size:18” Deep x 48” Wide x 19” Tall
    Details:The Salsa bench is made using 3” Tapered Acrylic legs. Our cushion is Button-Tufted.
    Different color and sizes available
  • Acrylic Lola Bench

    Acrylic Lola Bench

    Ref: #B-55
    Size: 18” x 48″ Wide x 19” Tall
    Details: Available in other sizes and Colors
  • Acrylic Bus Bench

    Ref: #5915
    Size: 48″ Wide
    Details: Available in other colors
  • Cleopatra Acrylic Bench

    Cleopatra Bench

    Ref: #B38
    Size: Black Microfiber
    Details: Available in other colors
  • Royale Bench

    Royale Bench

    Ref: #29
    Size: 48’’ Long – Acrylic Legs.
    Details: Available in other colors
  • Classic Acrylic Bench

    Classic Acrylic Bench

    Ref: #33
    Size: 16” x 48”
     Has 3” Acrylic tapered legs. 1” Acrylic top
    Details: Microfiber seat.
     Available in different colors and sizes
  • Rectangular Vanity Stools

    Rectangular Vanity Stools

    Ref: #50
    Size: Rectangular one is 14” x18” It is 17” tall.
    Details: Many colors to choose from for the cushions
  • Round Vanity Stools

    Round Vanity Stools

    Ref: #49
    Size: Round one is 16” in diameter. It is 17” tall
    Details: Many colors to choose from for the cushions
  • Acrylic Bench

    Acrylic Bench

    Ref: #51
    Size: 14” x 18” x 19” Tall – 3” Acrylic Legs.
    Details: Available in different sizes and colors.