• Embrace Acrylic Sculpture

    Embrace Acrylic Sculpture

    Ref: #T-650
    Size: 27″ Tall
    Details: Turquoise and Violet – Available in different colors
  • Double Loop Acrylic Sculpture

    Double Loop Acrylic Sculpture

    Ref: #Z-5902
    Size: 41″ Tall
    Details: Clear and Crystallized
  • Double Loop Acrylic Sculpture

    Double Loop Acrylic Sculpture Color

    Ref: #Z-5902B
    Size: 41″ Tall
    Details: Turquoise and Violet – Available in different colors
  • Helix Acrylic Sculpture

    Helix Acrylic Sculpture

    Ref: #Q-575
    Size: 16″ wide  41″ tall
    Details: Turquoise – Available in different colors
  • Vail Acrylic Sculpture

    Vail Acrylic Sculpture

    Ref: #Q-114
    Size: 22″ wide 31″ Tall
    Details: Only available as shown in Clear and Crystallized
  • Harmony Acrylic Sculpture

    Harmony Acrylic Sculpture

    Size:20″ wide 41″ tall
    Details: Yellow – Available in different colors


  • Storm Acrylic Sculpture

    Storm Acrylic Sculpture

    Size:20″ wide 41″ tall
    Details:Yellow – Available in different colors
  • Equilibrium Sculpture

    Equilibrium Sculpture

    Size:13” x 13” x 25” Tall
    Details:Orange color
     Available in different colors
  • Fusion Acrylic Sculpture

    Fusion Acrylic Sculpture

    Size:17” wide 28” tall
    Details:Orange and Yellow and Black and White
  • Aspen / Wave Acrylic Pedestal

    Aspen / Wave Acrylic Pedestal

    Aspen Acrylic PedestalWave Acrylic Pedestal
    Size:12” x 14”x 36” Tall14 Round 36”Tall
    Details: Clear ColorOrange color
     Available in different sizes and colorsAvailable in different sizes and colors
  • Boca / Omni Acrylic Pedestal

    Boca / Omni Acrylic Pedestal

    Boca Acrylic PedestalOmni Acrylic Pedestal
    Ref:#PED 968#PED 975
    Size:14″ Round x 36″ H12″ x 14″ x 36″ H
    Available in other colorsAvailable in other colors
  • Octagon Acrylic Pedestal

    Octagon Acrylic Pedestal

    Size:14″ x 14″ x 36″ H
  • Naja Acrylic Sculpture

    Naja Acrylic Sculpture

    Size:20”W x 14”D x 34”H
    Details:Available in other colors
  • Passion Acrylic Sculpture

    Passion Acrylic Sculpture

    Size:17”W x 14”D x 40”H
    Details: Blue
      Available in other colors
  • Calypso Acrylic Sculpture

    Calypso Acrylic Sculpture

    Ref: #D-835
    Size: 12” x 12” x 25” Tall
    Details: Olive color
     Available in other colors
  • Celebration Acrylic Sculpture

    Celebration Acrylic Sculpture

    Ref: #Q-380
    Size: 22”W x 12”D x 38”H
    Details: Violet
     Available in different colors
  • Ecstasy Acrylic Sculpture

    Ecstasy Acrylic Sculpture

    Ref: #Q-390
    Size: 18”W x 14”D x 39”H
    Details: Black
     Available in different colors
  • Evolution Acrylic Sculpture

    Evolution Acrylic Sculpture

    Ref: #Q-350
    Size: 18”W x 15”D x 35”H
    Details: Teal
     Available in different colors
  • Luna Sculpture / Spiral Pedestal

    Luna Sculpture / Spiral Pedestal

     Luna Acrylic Sculpture Spiral Acrylic Pedestal
    Ref: #X-714 #PED-76
    Size: 18”W x 15”D x 35”H 14″ x 14″ x 36″ H
    Details: Black & Clear Clear
  • Cancun / Athens Acrylic Pedestal

    Cancun / Athens Acrylic Pedestal

     Cancun Acrylic Pedestal Athens Acrylic Pedestal
    Ref: #PED-785 #PED-748
    Size: 36″ High 36″ High
    Details: Clear & Crystalize Clear & Crystalize
  • Destiny Acrylic Sculpture / Rio Acrylic Pedestal

    Destiny Acrylic Sculpture / Rio Acrylic Pedestal

     Destiny Acrylic Sculpture Rio Acrylic Pedestal
    Ref: #T-912 #PED-953
    Size: 23″ x 10″x 23″ H 36″ High
    Details: Clear & Crystallize Black & Clear
  • Directional & Orbit Acrylic Pedestal

    Directional & Orbit Acrylic Pedestal

     Directional Acrylic Pedestal Orbit Acrylic Pedestal
    Ref: #PED-502 #PED-553
    Size: 13″ x 13″x 36″ H 13″ x 13″x 36″ H
     (Available in 30″ Height) (Available in 30″ Height)
    Details: Clear & Crystallize Clear & Crystallize
  • Lovers & Family Acrylic Sculpture

     Lovers Acrylic Sculpture Family Acrylic Sculpture
    Ref: #CS -12 #CS -13
    Size: 8″ x 7″x 22″ H 8″ x 7″x 22″ H
    Details: Black Black
  • Obsession Sculpture / Las Vegas Acrylic Pedestal

    Obsession Sculpture / Las Vegas Acrylic Pedestal

     Obsession Acrylic Sculpture Las Vegas Acrylic Pedestal
    Ref: #T-948 #PED-94
    Size: 23″ x 10″ x 23″ H 23″ x 10″ x 23″ H
    Details: Teal & Violet Clear & Crystallize