ghost chair, ghost chairs, acrylic awards, acrylic award
Acrylic Bar Stools
SINCE 1965

acrylic awards, acrylic awardghost chairghost chair, ghost chairs, acrylic awards, acrylic awards, acrylic awardghost chair, ghost chairs, acrylic awards, acrylic award

Muniz Acrylic Furniture, Acrylic Awards, Bar Stools, Ghost Chairs, and Acrylic Chair Options for Any Occasion!

If you're considering a unique piece of furniture or look that is sure to make an impressive statement, whether it be for your home, professional workplace or an event, Muniz offers the best in high quality Acrylic products that will add the perfect touch of sophistication and style.

Muniz is one of America's leading designers and manufactures of Acrylic products that range from Acrylic awards for events to Acrylic chairs, Acrylic tables and dining sets for your home. Every piece produced by Muniz, whether custom or standard, is created with care and close attention to detail. Every piece is both hand sanded and polished to ensure quality and beauty. At Muniz, we only use the highest quality Acrylic available.

Since 1965, Muniz has designed and created high quality Acrylic/Lucite products that continue to impress and satisfy the needs and wants of customers. With over 45 years of experience in producing and designing Acrylic products, you are sure to be pleased with your new Acrylic furniture or other top of the line Acrylic pieces for years to come.



Muniz Acrylic Product Lines

Acrylic Awards

Muniz offers a full collection of professional Acrylic awards, Lucite awards, Acrylic plaques and even Acrylic paperweights. We also offer full laser engraving services to commemorate and personalize any special occasion or event. All pricing includes laser engravings and personalization. Our product line offers standard pieces that are sure to be a hit, but we also create custom designs to fit exactly what you are looking for. See why many Fortune 500 companies, top universities, charities, and leading organizations, as well as small independent businesses, choose us for all their Acrylic Awards.

Ghost Chairs

Our high quality ghost chairs offer elegance and comfort at the same time. They can serve in both formal and informal settings, and are conveniently stackable for easy storage if serving for multiple events. Our ghost chairs are sturdy and strong and built to last for years of use. Our Ghost chair, as well as our Ghost chair with arms, is in stock. Our ghost chairs even come with free shipping nationwide!

Acrylic Dining Chairs and Bar Stools

Muniz Acrylic dining chairs are the perfect addition to any table to add that extra flair of modish style. All of our Acrylic chairs come in variety of colors for the cushions to personalize your look. Our Acrylic bar stools come in heights of 24" or 30" and are built with return swivels.

Acrylic Dining Sets

Are you looking to add a sophisticated, modern look to your home or business? Our high quality Acrylic dining sets are perfect for a clean, contemporary look, and can be paired with a matching set of Acrylic chairs, or pick and choose any Acrylic chair for a variety of styling possibilities. These dining sets are easily matched with different décor, depending on the look you want to create.

Acrylic Tables

Muniz Acrylic tables come in a variety of sizes to serve perfectly as a stylish dining table, cocktail, console, or end table. If you have something in mind as far as design, we offer customized services to create just what you want. Each table is a created to last for years as a center piece of furniture that will have everyone impressed.

Acrylic Sculptures

Our Acrylic Sculptures add the perfect element of art to a home or professional workplace. Each piece is available in a variety of sizes and colors, making it a great gift, as well!

Acrylic Lamps

Our Acrylic Lamps have a contemporary, sleek design and look beautiful in any room. They are UL listed 3-way sockets to provide different lighting solutions.

Acrylic Pedestals

Acrylic Pedestals can add a lot of character to any space and are available in a variety of styles, sizes, and colors to complement any room.

Custom Acrylic Designs

If you have the perfect design in mind, be it for an Acrylic award, an Acrylic chair, Acrylic table, or Acrylic dining set, we can take that design from a drawing or description and create it specifically to your request. We can even help you design an item just from an idea!

Shipping Services

Muniz offers shipping worldwide to accommodate all of our customers. We even offer free nationwide shipping on select products, such as our Ghost Chairs.

Stackable Ghost Chairs Add Elegance and Style

Ghost Chairs are an easy solution for accommodating large events or even modern seating in a home. Ghost Chairs are an affordable solution to comfortable and convenient seating arrangements, whether it be at the office, at home, or for any event. They add a modish flair and can easily be matched with other décor to create the right ambiance or setting to fit the situation. Our Ghost Chairs are made for the occasion. They are stackable, making it easy for storage solutions, and because of their polycarbonate structure, they are virtually unbreakable. Whether you are looking for contemporary home seating or planning a wedding or other big event, our Ghost Chairs are perfect for any seating arrangements. They come in a variety of styles and colors and can be mixed and matched to fit your style. Our Ghost chair comes with or without arms to fit any setting. With a minimum purchase of two Ghost Chairs, we will include free nationwide shipping. Choose Muniz as your source for the best service and highest quality in Ghost Chairs and other Acrylic furniture.

Muniz Acrylic Products and Custom Services

Muniz Acrylic product lines are sure to provide just what you are looking for. If you don't see it on our site, call or email us today to place a custom order. Muniz is dedicated to offering the best in Lucite/Acrylic chair options, Acrylic tables, as well as Acrylic awards. Each item can be customized to fit any setting, while always offering sophistication and style. Our products can serve in home settings, professional workplace settings or in any event.

Call Muniz today at (305) 634-8848 or email us at We look forward to providing you with the best in customer service and fine Acrylic products.


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 ghost chair, ghost chairs, acrylic awards, acrylic award